Showcased by Galerie Olivier Castellano


Akihiro Nikaido
35 cm

Akihiro Nikaido lives and works in Chiba, Japan.
He conceives his works from the angle of Yūgen, a concept of Japanese aesthetics applied to the arts and theorized by the poets Fujiwara no Shunzei, Fujiwara no Teika and the playwright Zeami.

It refers to the understanding and nostalgic evocation of the beauty of the world with an implicit depth that artists can subtly express. It is an aesthetic of suggestion, delicacy and, at the same time, mystery. Nikaido’s ceramic powder surfaces seem almost ephemeral ; their traditional and timeless shapes give them a metaphysical dimension. He is also known  to be very attached to Chanoyu – the tea ceremony – to which he likes to associate his exhibitions. He collaborates with tea masters to create gatherings that are true artistic and sensory experiences.

Akihiro Nikaido is one of Japan’s most popular and internationally renowned ceramic craftsmen.

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