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Art Nouveau white Carrara marble screen by Almo Bonaldi (Carrara 1890 – 1966 Toulon)
Hight : 98,5 cm – Length: 72,5 cm – Width : 26,5 cm

Art Nouveau white Carrara marble Screen by Almo Bonaldi

Exquisite Art Nouveau White Carrara Marble Screen, masterfully crafted by the renowned Italian sculptor Almo Bonaldi (Carrara 1890 – 1966 Toulon).

This enchanting masterpiece features a celestial arrangement of three angelic putti, harmoniously singing atop a delicately pierced foliate frame. The center stage is graced by a graceful nymph, wearing only a whisper of fabric, accompanied by two seated figures charmingly playing their pipes. Intricately detailed birds flank each side, perched as if singing in unison with the putti. The composition rests upon a refined base adorned with elegant scrolling acanthus feet, signed “A. Bonaldi Carrara” and further elevated by a majestic Rouge Royal marble plinth, intricately carved with a lyrical lyre at the front.

Almo Bonaldi, born in the marble-rich city of Carrara in 1890, made a name for himself as the proprietor of a prestigious marble sculpture studio in 1924. In 1930, he showcased his exceptional talent at the Premio Reale-Premio Dervillé held by the Accademia di belle arti di Carrara, presenting a captivating sculpture of a young centaur. His participation in this renowned contest, organized in collaboration with regional marble industrialists, marks a significant moment in Bonaldi’s career.

Later, Bonaldi’s relocation to Toulon may be attributed to the establishment of a marble masonry enterprise under his name, circa 1930. This flourishing company, still operational today, is known to have provided stone for several public fountains in the heart of Toulon. During this time, Bonaldi likely continued to refine his artistic prowess and share his wisdom through teaching in the south of France.

This awe-inspiring sculpture is a rare gem, as one of the very few signed by Bonaldi himself and the only known piece bearing the “Carrara” signature.

Dimensions: 98.5 x 72.5 x 26.5 cm

Material : White Carrara marble with base in Rouge Royal marble.

Date : circa 1910 – Art Nouveau


Ministero delle finanze, Direzione generale delle imposte dirette, Imposta sui redditi di richhezza mobile, elenco dei contribuenti privati possessori di redditi incerti e variabili, Provincia di Massa-Carrara, Roma, Libreria dello Stato, 1924, p. 30.

Renato Carozzi, “Marmo ad ogni costo: L’Accademia di Carrara tra il 1890 e il 1950,” in X Biennale internazionale Città di Carrara: il primato della scultura: il Novecento a Carrara e dintorni, Firenze, Maschietto & Musolino, 2000, p. 147.

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