Ancestor sculpture

H. 71 cm


N’duleri or Bondum


Estimated period: late 16th century – 17th century

-Analysis C-14: CIRAM -0720-OA-310B-1.

1495 – 1601 (64,1% probabilities)

1616 – 1661 (31,3% probabilities)


–  Charles Ratton (1895-1986), Paris, France.

–  Bryce Holcombe (d. 1983) New York, U.S.A.

–  Private Collection, Spain.

Publications and exhibitions:

–  Ella, Yolanda; Combalia, Victòria; Vargas Llosa, Mario. El primer eros. Ajuntament de Barcelona-Institut de Cultura. Lunwerg Editores, Ed. Altri. Barcelona , 2004. Pag 53, nº 26.

–  Imaginaire Tribal 2020. Parcours des Mondes, Paris. David Serra-Fine Tribal Art, Barcelona.

● Sold

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