Dogon N’duleri Equestrian Figure

Dogon people – Mali – 15th – 16th Century (C14: 1453 – 1525) – Wood
65 cm


Ladislas Segy collection, New York

Private collection, USA



Montagut Gallery. Hogon. September, 2019. p. 85-87 /p. 124

Segy, Ladislas. African Sculptures speaks. New York, 1968. p. 154


This culture, discovered by the “Dakar-Djibouti” mission in the 1930s, was established between the 13th and 15th centuries in the Bandiagara cliffs, in the eastern part of Mali, succeeding the Tellem.

Equestrian imagery is a common artistic motif in cultures of the Western Sahel. The horse is a traditional indication of wealth, prestige, and social dominance for the Dogon people.

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